Reservations :

  • Any reservation of a vehicle requires the payment of a deposit of 30% within 72 hours, otherwise the vehicle will be put back for sale.
  • Any advance of payment paid during a reservation cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation.

Regulation :

  • Methods of payment :
    • Bank card
    • Transfer (RIB on request)
    • Cash (1000 € maximum per vehicle)
    • Check (Only for professionals, on presentation of a Kbis of less than 3 months)
  • The balance of an invoice will be made within 15 days from the invoice date of the vehicle. Otherwise, the sale will be canceled and the advance of payment will not be refunded (see conditions of reservation).

Transportation :

  • Vehicles under VEI procedure (Economically Irreparable Vehicle) will be loaded and transported on a trailer or truck. The buyer cannot leave by driving the vehicle (or vehicles) he has acquired, in accordance with Decree N ° 2009-397 of 10 April 2009.
  • No delivery or loading / transport will be made if the payment of the invoice has not been made in full.
  • The purchaser of a vehicle must inform us 24 hours before the scheduled loading date, otherwise the delivery time will vary according to our schedule.
  • Depending on the destination and our planning, delivery of the vehicle by us is possible on request.
  • Vehicle removal times: 1 week after payment.

Transmission of documents :

  • Key (s), original registration card (or identification form) and other documents of the vehicle (such as prior purchase and transfer declarations) will be provided to the buyer on the day the vehicle leaves our society.